Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Oddsandsods] Alice Cooper on The Who

he Who were almost like a dominatrix who inflicted the show on the audience — that definitely influenced me," says Alice Cooper, describing his admiration for the London rockers. "Pete's the best stage guitarist I've ever seen — the best showman, conveying the pure spirit of rock & roll. And he's still up there with his fingers bleeding to this day."
  1. "My Generation" 
    This was the first time I heard anybody turn their amps up and literally play the feedback. We were 16 years old, our parents had just bought us amps, and here we were in the garage, desperately trying to get a Pete Townshend sound.
  2. "Pictures of Lily"
    We had no idea that it was about masturbation at first. We just loved hearing a cool story within three minutes. As a lyricist, that's what I wanted to learn how to do.
  3. "Substitute" 1966

  • "The Kids Are Alright" " 1965
    Pete taught me how to write anthems, by making them so general that everyone can say, "That's me."
  • "Out in the Street" 1965 

  • "I'm a Boy" 1966
    A great little tortured nursery rhyme with a little kid who wants to go out and be a boy and bloody his nose, and the overbearing mother who won't let him.
  • "I Can See for Miles" 1967 

  • "Baba O'Riley" 1971
    At first, I thought keyboards watered down rock. It sounded like Pete had found a new toy. But I gradually understood how well those power chords worked against the synth. Perhaps the beginning of New Wave.
  • "5:15" 1973 

  • "Rough Boys" 1980
    You have Pete's sexual ambiguity going on here — it sounds like a gay song. I still don't know exactly what he was trying to say with that song, but I love it, whatever it is. Pete's an amazing mystery.

    Harold Lepidus
    Bob Dylan Examiner

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