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April 26th, 2011 markes the 25th Anniversary of the Chernoybyl nuclear disaster: Voice of America

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Posterous Spotlight: Voice of America

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April 26th, 2011 markes the 25th Anniversary of the Chernoybyl nuclear disaster.  With the Japanese nuclear crisis still unfolding, we were inspired by the Voice of America's use of Posterous to ensure that voices from Chernoybl continue to be heard.


What is the Voice of America mission?
The Voice of America (VOA) is an international multimedia broadcaster with service in 44 languages.  Serving an estimated weekly global audience of 123 million, VOA provides news, information, and cultural programming through the Internet, mobile and social media, radio, and television.  

What is citizen journalism?
Citizen journalism is when members of the public take reporting on events and topics into their own hands.  It is not a new idea - however, we hope that Posterous makes it easier for citizen journalists to reach a wider audience and for VOA to present a more complete picture of global events.  

How is Voice of America commemorating tomorrow's 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster?
Coverage has included perspectives from both the region and the United States.  The Russian Service and Ukrainian Service have stringers (freelance writers) based in Ukraine and Russia who have provided originally reporting on the ground - this has included both photos and video reports from the area of the disaster. As part of their special report, VOA English produced this interactive map of publicly listed nuclear reactors from around the world. 

Which sites are accepting submissions for memories of Chernobyl's 25th Anniversary?
The Russian and Ukrainian websites.  

Why do you think it's important to get these stories published on the web?
Chernobyl is widely considered the worst nuclear power plant disaster in human history.  It is crucial that as we get further away from the actual event, the stories of those who lived through it are told to younger generations who will be the decision-makers of the future.  

How can others get involved in the mission?
By helping us engage.  We no longer see it as adequate to simply "report" the news.  We want to engage with users in the region and in fact, work with them to help us provide targeted/crowd-sourced content (for instance, see our combined use of Posterous and Storify here. Posterous is an important platform to help us reach this goal. 

A special thanks to VOA's Camilla Hawthorne for the interview.

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