Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kill ONLY when you are hungry: Some Extraordinary Pics of Animals who don't really play together

Kill ONLY when you are hungry




Photographer  Michel Denis-Huot, who captured these amazing  pictures on safari in Kenya's Masai Mara  in October last year, 
said he was astounded by what  he saw:

"These three brothers (cheetahs) have  been living together since they left their mother at  about 18 months old,' he said. 
'On the morning we  saw them, they seemed not to be hungry, walking  quickly but stopping sometimes to play  together. 
'At one point, they met a group of impala  who ran away. But one youngster was not quick  enough and the brothers caught it  easily'."

These  extraordinary scenes followed.

See... We CAN all get along!!!


and  then they just walked away without hurting  him..

Life is  short... forgive quickly,  love truly, laugh uncontrollably...and  never regret anything that made you  smile




It's gangs like these that the people of Calgary have to put up with..

A bit different from the problems in other cities...

It proves that every City has their own "unique" gang problems. They
Roam the streets and yards night and day.

They hang out in even the best neighborhoods!

..and you CANNOT (legally) stop them.

Those are some lawn ornaments!!!




"Did  you lose a cat?"
This is probably the  most amazing picture of  2012!!!


"Did you lose a cat?"







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