Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just watched "antiques roadshow". This old lady placed a used tampon on the table and said "There you go clever dick, tell me what period that’s from" and some even worse…

These are funny !!!!

Disgusting, politically incorrect, but ---

A black baby was given a pair of wings by God. He asks "God does this mean that I am an angel?
God laughs 'Of course not you silly little prick. You’re a fly!

Man naked, looks in the mirror and says to his wife "why do I always get a hard on when I look at myself?"
Wife says "Coz your cock thinks you’re a bit of a pussy"

Why is there only one pall bearer at an aboriginal funeral?
Because there’s only one handle on a wheelie bin!

Talk about fucking Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I recently came back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.
Having not seen my wife for months I was looking forward to a night of hot passionate sex.
Unfortunately she came out of the shower with a towel around her head so I shot her!

Two blokes talking. Do you look at your wife's face when you make love?
I did once and saw the anger in her face.
Why anger?
Because she was watching from the fucking window.

Got caught wanking while sniffing my mate's sister's knickers yesterday?
Wouldn't have been so bad but she was still wearing them at the time.
He went ballistic!
Made the rest of her funeral very awkward for the both of us.

Scientists found that many women develop "Hoover's Disease" after a year of marriage.
They make a continuous fucking whining noise and don't suck anymore.

Just watched "antiques roadshow".
This old lady placed a used tampon on the table and said "There you go clever dick, tell me what period that’s from"

Two Abo's are in a bar talking. One says to the other "you ever notice after having sex with a white woman that your eyes burn, your nose runs and you get teary-eyed"?
The other Abo answered "yeah all the time"
The 1st Abo asks "why's that?"
The other replies "I reckon it's the capsicum spray"

Johnnie is a lucky bastard rooting 20yr old twins.
Asked how he tells them apart.
Easy he said, Vicky has long blonde hair and Richard has a big dick

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