Tuesday, January 1, 2013

YouTube Infringement 1 Strike Against You

Over a week ago I uploaded a Warner Brothers cartoon Three Little Bops plus One. It was a Jazz style Musical rendition of the story Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf. 
It was removed pretty within a day with a notice emailed to me alerting me of infringement and Warner Brothers owning the rights. I wasn't disappointed and just let it go. 
I've been watching some YouTube videos via my Sony Bravia TV logged into my account with out any trouble. However tonight on my iPhone I get a subscriber in my email and touched the users name on the screen that opened Safari and took me to Large Red Box with an attention to my infringement and a warning if I'm caught again my account could be closed down. Of course, thank you YouTube. Another upload I put up a couple of years back I warned but told the copyright owner will leave it for statistics. 
Acknowledging this I was directed to a Happy Tree Friends Video http://www.youtube.com/copyright_school with a questionnaire beside. It seemed I was forced to watch the video and answer the questions before continuing on. So I did. I don't know if it was YouTube or my current connection via Wi-Fi on my iPhone but the stream was very slow and annoying. Although Happy Tree Friends is fun to watch this episode was made for YouTube informing us users on infringement. 
I answered the Questions with one wrong and congratulated for passing. I was directed to the YouTube home page and not the users I initially clicked to visit. 
So now I have one strike against me. I don't think I'll upload anymore Warner Brother material, lesson learnt. 

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