Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home Made Car from this, that and anything (pics)


"A unique manifestation of good old American Ingenuity"! 

Note the creativity in equipping the innovation: Manure Spreader.
This is the exact and perfect example of why we save everything.

This car has been built with all of the “junk” laying out back in the pile,
and under the work bench, and stuffed in the rafters. All this guy needed
was a little time on his hands. 

How cool is this? Look closely at all the various components. 

Spotted in Cannon Falls, MN on May/23/2012 – It’s a car? or a truck?


Milk can fuel tank
Check out the “gearing wheel”....What do you see?
dash is a saw blade with handles attached - tractor hand brake - tachometer -
2 mirrors mounted on horse shoes - big truck signal switch mounted on left - single wiper motor -
How many men who grew up on a farm are now thinking –
Why didn’t we do that?
cow milking aparatus on air cleaner - galvanized wash tub fan shroud -
Tractor wrench bracket for headlamp housing -
Rear seats from toilet with stereo speakers below them - Newhome seat backs -
The rear lamp frame built with sawblades - manure spreader drive is still intact - horse shoe door hinges
tractor seats with pitchfork backs - seat belts - tractor compartment box behind driver seat -
gear shift beside hand brake - stereo & cd player on dash blade - the drive chains are still on
the floor - floor board


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