Monday, October 3, 2011

Bega and Cadbury supporting Muslim finances

I haven't looked yet to see if the stamp is on their packaging and only just threw a Cadbury wrapper into the rubbish thirty minutes ago or so. Personally I'm not to concerned about this as I don't think it will make a difference if it supports Muslims, Catholics, anyone. I'm only posting this as a source of information passed onto me and let people have their own thoughts and opinions on this small matter. 


" not very big but ensure you read to the end!

Subject: Read & Forward On.


Bega Cheese is now off my list.


The Cadbury’s packet has been blown up (pardon the pun) to more clearly show the circular symbol.


This is quite an interesting read. It’s not a long read and well worth the time.

I’ve really not noticed the mark on products, but will look in future shopping excursions.



I went straight to the fridge after reading this and looked on the back of a packet of Bega thick and tasty slices.

Sure enough the symbol was there very small but THERE. I will be checking all my shopping from here on.

I have also checked Bega cheese and will return it today.

Not too sure about this. I phoned Bega today and they will forward details by mail. I'm now on their mailing list (home address)???

Also here is feedback link to Cadbury...


 Have you ever seen this symbol (CIRCLE) on your

chocolate or food products packaging ?



The LHS (circle) symbol is that of the - HALAL CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY -AUSTRALIA

This is a Muslim Association that collects money from the Australian Food Industry for this symbol so that Muslims will purchase the product.

Yet we are told the Muslim population are only one and a half percent of Australia 's total!

On a recent radio talk-back show a well known host was alerted to this practice.

He hit a stone wall when trying to find out HOW MUCH money was paid to this organization and WHERE the money went.

It was explained that by buying those marked products at least you are supporting a religion that is actively trying to destroy the Australian way of life or at the other extreme the money MAY be supporting terrorism.

Many Australian Companies are paying this money including BEGA, CADBURY and many other well known companies.

Check before you buy. 

Until you know, support those companies that support the Australian way of life.

Check it for yourself.

I checked out Cadbury today at Woolworths!!!  No more Cadbury's for me!!! 

I will check everything from now on... It is also on my Bega Cheese.

The symbol is so small you can hardly read  what it says. 

This is absolute fact.

Before Lorraine went shopping Monday I showed her this email.

She looked at the products in the shop mentioned and they had the symbol hidden on the back of the packaging

and in a very weak colour that was hard to see.

Leggo's Pasta Sauce has the logo on their bottles. ...

I sent the following email to Cadbury and hope you too will voice your disapproval

"I am incensed to see the muslim "logo" on your chocloate bars. This is a Muslim Association that collects money from the Australian Food Industry for this symbol so that Muslims will purchase the product.   

What the hell is wrong with you people!?   Our boys are fighting muslim terrorists, and you are surreticiously helping their cause!

We understand the Muslim population is only one and a half percent of Australia 's total and yet to try and make a dollar, you bow to their demands.   

I am forwarding this insult to Australians, to everyone on my email list and will ask them to forward it to everyone on their lists.  And I for one will NOT be buying anymore of your chocolate until their emblem is removed!  I will be actively encouraging all others to do the same!











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