Saturday, July 16, 2011


[U]Amazing 40inch HD Television. [/U] Does what you want from a HDTV, get all the channels, except out here in the country no one is broadcasting the Community Channel as I believe they are digital in City's yeah? But that's not the TV's fault so not relevant to this post but slipped it in for pity on us country bunkins. Anyhow, it's Internet connected and could put a wireless USB dongle into it if I needed to but just etherneting as the modem is like 2cm away from it and don't have spare dongle anyhow. Ok, YouTube, ABC iView, SBS, Plus7, Moshcam, Billabong, wine food hotel, and BRAVIA Internet Video. Also has a browser for regular web surfing. FaceBook and Twitter widgets that sit on the side of my television viewing. Bought from Dick Smiths for $888 that actually went up to $988 on the day of purchase, but Mr Smith junior said I could have it for yesterday's price seen that I came in with all my keenest and questioning wanting badly but had to wait a day that I deserved it at the last weeks catalog price. I was SO happy though it turned me off the idea of trying to slash the price lower by bartering, that would of just been rude of me, quick grab it before he changes his mind. Four HDMI inputs, Composite and Component inputs and PC too. There's an inbuilt sensor that dims the screen when no one is the room and keeps the sound going until a user set time of 30mins as default that I left it at that it shuts down. I have my 5.1 amp input by HDMI as it's a DVD player as well and have Optical out from the TV into the Amp. No, doesn't mean I'm circling the sound, the amp changes it's input to play it's DVD's then change it for the TV sound. That should clear a few minds up I think. I have as well a BlueRay player into HDMI. Yes, yes, I hear you, why have both DVD and BlueRay? Well when I bought my amp I didn't really want one with an inbuilt DVD player, but the price was right at the time, also means I can watch two movies in a row without getting up and swapping disks too I guess, plus it's always good to have a secondary of units. One feature is called Sync Menu. On supported amps the TV can control the amp, but my amp lacks that feature, if I had of known at the time I would of looked for the right sync-able amp, oh well can't have everything. Though last night I discovered that I had the TV off and I inserted a disk into the BlueRay Player and closed the drawer and went fondling through my blankets for all my remotes and in the time I looked back around to find that my TV was switched on (whoa ghost! Not) and the BlueRay Movie was beginning. Now I knew I didn't accidentally turn the TV on, change the TV source from digital broadcasts to HDMI2, that would of been too big a coincidence. So I tested it out, went back to everything off, put in the movie and watched, yes, the BlueRay and TV are synced. Excellent!!! The amazing thing that really intrigues me is that I have a Composite Video Adapter out of my 2005 eMac and audio out of the headphones/audio out to stereo RCA into the Stereo Composite input of the TV. Ok, to set the scene, the TV is only on the understanding that it's only a video player and it's stereo. The surround works beautifully with the setup too, just crystal clear music or what ever I play on the eMac and of course the other sources too. The TV has two USB inputs, no PVR though sadly, no recording TV. But that's cool, I can put songs, videos or photos onto a USB stick, plug it in and play them. There is a Music Search feature on the TV that I just thought that it searched data-base from tagged mp3's and shows extra information on the song, artist and album. But the clever thing, keeping in mind, it thinks the eMac is just a video, got no computer information passing each other what so-ever, the thing that really spun me out is that playing iTunes through the mini-jack to stereo RCA into the TV, the Music Search feature somehow magically is able to read the song playing just by the basic inputs, search the data-base and bring up all the information of the song.... WHAT??? I'm not asking, but I'm suspecting, as all I really wanted to post was this amazing ability, that someone is going to explain to me how it reads the music and knows how to find it's info. But I won't lose any sleep if no-one does. It just amazes the HELL out of me, shock! Surprise! Technology! It's just brilliant......

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