Monday, January 31, 2011

From Gary Briggs in Dalby. Charged while doing the right things in the Queensland Floods

 There has been some amazing great story's come out of the 
floods. But there are also the ones that will never be told because 
in this country we tolerate idiots in government jobs and no one 
wants to point the finger in case it somehow blows up in their face.

 Sorry, but at my age, I have become totally disenchanted and someone 
needs to tell it like it is, so I will start the ball 
rolling. Please join with me to lift the lid on idiots with uniforms.

 Take Qld transport. In Dalby district.

 Dalby hit the news with a record flood in the Condamine River that 
damaged the water treatment plant. And water needed to be trucked in 
in the middle of floods. Truck drivers worked hard to get us water.

 Officers from Qld Transport booked drivers for so called over

 loading.......... what Idiots. Who pays? It'll get squashed and 
probably has already, but what a waste of resources at a time when 
manpower was critical.

 Farmers crossing a road with a tractor to feed starving, flooded 
stock were pulled up, the tractor measured, and they were booked 
because it was slightly wide. Not only that, they were forced to 
leave the tractor and go to town to get an over wide permit before 
they could move it back into the farm. And this happened on an 
already closed road where the farmer was the only person 
around. Except for the idiots.

 These are not rumors. They are facts. This morning, I was booked for

 driving down a closed road to check livestock that were reported out 
on the road and, at the same time, pick up my employee who had walked 
over the bridge to come to work. My house happens to be 50 m past 
the road closed sign, so apparently I cannot even go in and out my 
gate. I tried to reason amicably with 2 idiots. Of course I got 
more than a little agitated when they refused to let me down the road 
to my farm. As a result they pulled a tape recorder, so I made sure 
that it recorded their stupidity. I even had to insist that they 
returned my driver's license. I'll definitely win the court battle 
as my employee witnessed the whole affair. But what a waste of time 
and resources.

 Over the last 3 weeks, there have been Qld Transport officers 
stationed outside our farm booking innocent locals for about 8 
days. 2 guys sit in a vehicle with the engine idling and hazard 
lights on 24/7. That would be 3 shifts, plus motel and other 
costs. Now most of these guys were reasonable people. I had to chat 
with them every time I went out my gate. Some were idiots like my 
experience this morning. But the real idiots in this case are the 
people who sent them out here to guard an obviously flooded and 
closed road. And never bothered to check when the water went down, 
and left them there. We, the taxpayers, pay them to be there and 
also pay fines for trying to get on with our lives in tough times.

 Wrote the above in the hour before I went to Brisbane to help clean 
up the mess in our flooded premises there. While in Brisbane I was 
told a true story about the truck drivers delivering food to 
Gympie. As happens in times of desperate need, trucks rolled out of 
the Brisbane warehouses stacked with as much as they could get 
in. After all, the media was screaming for food for 
Gympie. Queensland Transport then intercepted the trucks and fined 
the drivers for overloading.

 What Senior Idiot in Qld Transport decided that he could solve 
Queensland's financial crisis by fining drivers? And sent dozens of 
men out to embarrass the Government when they could have been helping 
people in need.

 And did you hear about the farmer who was ferrying food and other 
essentials for himself and neighbors across the flooded Condamine.

 Well, the SES and Police decided that was their job. Apparently it 
is illegal for us farmers to even launch our boats to help ourselves 
or rescue our livestock. So they sent him home after warning him 
that if he continued to help, they would prosecute. As he was 
putting his boat back on his trailer on the other side of the river, 
he heard horns blowing and looked back to where he had been sent away 
from. There were the professional idiots, in the middle of the 
river, sinking. And, as we normal citizens are stupid, he had to 
re-launch his boat and go back and rescue them.

Apparently they had forgotten to put the plugs in the bottom of the 
boat and their training had not taught them how to simply put them in 
after they discovered it and then how to bail the boat out. He 
should have let them drown. That would be called "natural 
selection". But again, they had been sent out with an attitude 
rather than real training. So who is at fault? Need I answer that?

 As I said at the start, there have been many, many great deeds by the 
vast majority of people, but when a society gets to the point that 
ordinary people are stopped from helping each other and are forced 
into submission by bureaucrats, Where are we going?

 Please add your story's and keep this going. somehow, we have to 
reverse the stupidity that makes our nation the dumbest in the modern world.

 Our great grandfathers would be appalled.

 And if any of you have the personal emails of any Politician, or 
Media people, please make sure they get a copy.

 Gary Briggs, Dalby.

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